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How to address the weakness of personality

How to address the weakness of personality

The weakness of the personality is a negative character suffered by some individuals in their personalities, which means that the person can not make decisions about him, and the lack of renewal in the way of life, and disability in front of the most difficult circumstances, and the inability to cope, and this causes frustration and despair of the person, and there are many factors that Lead to the occurrence of this imbalance in personality, and can address the weaknesses of the personality and eliminate it through several methods, and we will inform you in this article on the characteristics of the weak personality, and its causes, and how to address.

The Poor personality traits

1- The inability to control emotions and emotions, and to control them quickly and easily without thinking about the results of those behaviors.

2- Complain of any matter, and permanently, and resort to others, and consulted in all matters.

3- Lead others in thought, and to take the decisions associated with them, so that they are unable to take decisions in their own things.

4- Fear, permanent shyness of others, avoid looking into their eyes.

5- The inability to show feelings to others.

6- Implementing any request to others without objection, even at the expense of the person and his rest.

Reasons for personal weakness

1- The incorrect education of the child, and his repression since childhood, which makes him a child shaken, and lack of confidence himself.

2- The use of violent methods in raising children, such as judging their opinions and making decisions about them, parents believe that this improves their creation and discipline, and that is wrong, this method produces generations of weak personality, and afraid of anything.

3- Stay away from children's dialogue and discussion, and this is wrong, listening to them and showing interest in what they say leads to increased self-confidence, and a sense of safety and strength.

How to handle a weak personality

1- Intensification of reading Reading is one of the things that contribute to the building of the personality in a large extent, and in particular the reading of books on how to build and develop the character, as this type of books offer solutions and ways to make decisions, and reading to increase enthusiasm in the same reader, and to expand the perception , And increase his self-confidence.

2- Identifying the Weak Point: Identifying a personal weakness is essential, and solutions should be initiated for disposal and treatment, and it is good to consult a psychologist to help, and to eliminate weaknesses.

3- Skills development: This is done by searching within the personality about its abilities, abilities and skills, and developing and strengthening it in order to get rid of weaknesses and instill confidence.

4- Setting goals: You must define the goals you want to do, and make these goals a challenge for you, it will help you to build relationships, self-development, and reach the desired accomplishments.

5- Effort: The effort must be made continuously in the work you do, and the pursuit of the work of non-commissioned work, it will increase your experience, and you acquire new skills and new, and will enable you to engage with others, and deal with them.

6- Conversation: It is advisable to talk to the nearest person to help you eliminate the weakness of your personality. Change the negatives to positives: It is in the heart of the bad things you are exposed to positive things, so as to avoid the impact on your psychological, and the strength of your will.

Perhaps what we can say in the end is that each action has a reaction, and to get rid of the weakness of personality must start to do something to come back to us with his reaction , and will do miracles
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