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The concept of happiness in psychology

The concept of happiness in psychology

Happiness is one of the most common concepts among people in terms of wishful thinking. Many people mention it almost daily, or almost daily, in their general conversations about life, the importance of enjoying it, and the positive feeling in it. Others have improved the conditions of life, peace of mind, the free life of a person from physical and physical problems as well, and there are many definitions of the concept of happiness, but in this article we will begin to talk about the concept of happiness in psychology.

 The concept of happiness in psychology

 The psychology of happiness is defined as the results of feeling or reaching the degree of satisfaction of the individual about his life or quality of life, or it is a frequent feeling of emotions and pleasant feelings, and there is a lot of joy and abstraction, which means that happiness in psychology, a concept is determined by the state or nature of the individual, His happiness is determined by his unhappiness, or by the fact that he is responsible for it, and by the nature of his interaction with the surrounding circumstances and the life situations he experiences.

 In the past, Plato presented an explanation or explanation of happiness, considering it from the virtues of the soul, which included wisdom, courage and others, pointing to the inability of man to reach full happiness only when he moved to the other world, while Aristotle considered happiness one of God's grace and gifts to people, At the same time, some of the things that make up happiness are: the health of the body and its health from disease, money availability, success in work, achievement of goals, in addition to the integrity of mind, the health of belief, and the good reputation among people in society.

Types of happiness Short or temporary happiness:

 Which are short-lived and often associated with a passing or passing event, felt by the individual for some time, then returns to his normal emotional state, associated with his personality or inner being.

Long-term happiness:

 It is the one that lasts for a long time, and most people are looking for it and hoping to get it, because it gives one a continuous sense of happiness, which improves his life and makes him start with all the positive and spaciousness towards life.

Tips to Reach Happiness

Convince and enjoy the lowest and simplest details of life. Work for the better, improve the quality of life, both physically and physically.

Leaving negative beliefs and thoughts, changing the way you think about what makes a person feel happy. Renew life, and abandon stereotypes and routine at all levels.

Communicating with people, not social isolation, may be the reason for not feeling happy, stop the individual from interacting with people, and their participation in the natural social atmosphere.

Avoid lamenting the past, as opposed to insisting on starting again, and taking advantage of past lessons as much as possible.

 Avoid dealing with people who do not believe in happiness or sense of happiness.
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