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The importance of time in the life of the individual and society

The importance of time in the life of the individual and society

Many people ignore the importance of time in their lives, so they spend long hours in front of the television screens watching the long serials useless, or spend long hours chatting with them in a trivial manner without taking into account a very important issue and the good use of their time in the good and useful things, The age of man is limited by a certain period ends with the end of human life on this earth, if the time of man is cut off from everything and left, and the time of man is part of the past, there is no thing will still for him just his works , and the importance of time in the life of the individual and society starts from several things...

The organization of time is the secret of success in life, if you look at the lives of celebrities and scientists and those who have been distinguished in this life, they are keen on the issue of organizing their time and exploitation of the best exploitation, but see them occupy them with useful and seize every second of the good and useful work. Exploitation and time management are the secret of the success of those. Time can be likened to the controlled and uncontrolled person . Thus, time organization is undoubtedly a challenge for many people who seek success in their lives and excel in their studies.

 Time is limited and will be end  , the time no matter what is available to the human it goes into the wind if not exploited and regulated by man.

Managing time as a factor in the success of businesses, factories and other works. Many management scientists have studied the time component and its importance in the success of institutions and businesses. They are keen to organize and manage its employees and to use the time to benefit them. To achieve its objectives.

Time as a factor of cultural advancement in society, The societies that are keen on time and good use and are keen to organize are the communities able to promote the advancement of civilization, so we find the developed societies are keen to organize time and good use, but works to program the people to respect the time and commitment to it even The system of civilized advancement is realized. For example, the means of transportation reach accurately to the waiting position of people without delay. It also starts without delay, as you see shops closing at a certain hour while you see late societies characterized by randomness in everything, Respect for the time that causes the decline and backwardness of nations.

Adherence to punctuality and respect for time is a sign of a personality of good morals and success in life.So always be on time 
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