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You must know yourself

You must know yourself

Self-knowledge is one of the biggest problems for some, and everyone is convinced that self-knowledge is the key to development and success in this life. Without a person knowing himself, his features, strengths and weaknesses, he will not be able to develop. The performance of his duties and his work in an optimal manner and required.

The difficulty of knowing each person for himself is that the same person is complex, ranging from weakness to strength, security, fear, distress and tenderness. As the human soul is a university of many contradictions, it is very difficult for every human being to know all his psychological aspects, The same depth.

Conditions of self-knowledge

 The self-knowledge of many conditions that must be met in each person seeks to achieve this goal in order to achieve a greater goal is to promote the quality of life and raise them, and on top of these conditions honesty with self, and clarity, and openness, and the lack of the illusion of possess certain qualities, or special features not found in it In fact, these things are very detrimental to man, and make him a fictional self that transforms him from the real self that lives within him ..

Other conditions include clarity of mind, purity of the bed, as far as possible from being influenced by the personalities of others and trying to re-enact roles that are not commensurate with the nature of the person to be admired.

 Methods of self - identification

First, man must love himself and himself; the more a person can love himself, the more he can be seen objectively and impartially.

As far as possible, one can not get too interested in the views and opinions of others. The view of others can not be an essential element in self-assessment. People's situations differ from person to person. Criticism, which will lead to the loss of self-confidence, so each person must evaluate himself from the results of his work, and its various effects, both on him or on others.

 A person must trust himself. It is this trust that will make him see his faults and advantages, which will help him develop the advantages and eliminate the disadvantages that hinder him from reaching what he aspires to.
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