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Impact of technology on children

Technology has invaded all aspects of life, and it has been able to reach all age groups of males and females. Man has been able to invent a lot of devices and games that rely mainly on the development of technology. We are seeing smart phones, iPad, BlackBerrys and electronic games. The use of adults, but the children of the age of two years love these devices and relate to them.

The positive effects of technology on children

Children are an age group that continues to grow physically and intellectually, and the capacity of technology represented by different devices can help in the intellectual development of children if these devices are used with some caution. Children should not sit for long periods of time. Parents should monitor what children do with these devices And try to direct them to scientific programs that increase their abilities.

They can also provide information to the child at all times. When they want information or answer a specific question, they can use these advanced devices, thus outperforming the normal teaching process that the student has to wait for the next day to ask his teacher about what he wants to know.

These devices deal with children in a consistent way so there is no psychological impact on the child through them, while traditional education may have some teachers who are not good at teaching, which may frighten some children or disrespect them.

 The negative effects of technology on children

Despite the positive effects of technology in the development of children and their abilities, they have serious disadvantages if used in a negative way.

The negative impact on memory in the long term, so children rely on modern devices to remember things, which led to laziness in the use of the brain or try to train memory, and the long sitting in front of smart devices leads to stress of the brain.

When an addict becomes an addict, the child becomes an introvert and a lover of isolation and finds it difficult to cope with others. The child depends mainly on these devices in time and may lead to autism.

These smart devices cause a lot of diseases such as cancer, nervousness, fatigue, exhaustion and headaches due to radiation from them, and they directly affect the eye. The child may feel short sighted or dry eyes. Long sitting in front of these devices cause pain in the neck and shoulder area as a result of continuous bending forward .

Obesity As a result of laziness, inactivity, and lack of movement, children sit continuously in front of these devices and eat sweeteners and foods without any effort.
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