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Errors you make when writing your resume

Errors you make when writing your resume

The CV you provide to the employer you want to join is not just a sheet containing your personal data, past experience or even your skill, but your birth certificate with the employer you wish to join.

This report gives you the most common mistakes you make while writing your CV, so you avoid being caught and learn how to type it correctly.

1 - a lot of personal information

Do not write too many personal data you need such as your phone numbers, social status, secondary school, and date of birth. Instead, your CV should contain a recent photo of you, as well as your name and email address.

2. Previous experiences

There is no point in mentioning the jobs you were working in if you were not in the same new job area you would like to join, which leaves a negative impression on you.

3. Do not exaggerate the names of jobs

If you work as a security guard in a property or facility, for example, do not write the job title under the name of a security official, but write a security guard, exaggerating the names may cause you embarrassment later.

4. Spelling errors

Making a misspelling is one of the worst mistakes you can make, because it leaves a very bad impression. The potential employer will be lazy, the job is not important to you or you do not care about the details, and only one of those possibilities makes you lose the chance of winning the job you want. .

5. Hobbies

If your hobbies are limited to these examples, delete the hobbies box or replace the political or sporting hobbies with activities you have done in the field of charitable work, or any social work you have done to benefit the community. .
 6 - Writing negative views on previous occupations

Do not write in the reason why the previous profession was left bad or negative views appear, it is better not to write anything in this box or try to find positive answers in relation to this question.

7 - the bad design of the biography
Your CV design system should be elegant enough to be acceptable to the employer you want to join, but do not overdo it, so as not to leave a negative impression on you, and your resume will be like a student's primary school book.

8. Do not overpay your email account name

Do not create an account with cartoon characters, wrestling stars or historical heroes, but create an account with only your name.

 9 - not to use the outlines

Write the first paragraph and side-by-side in your resume using clear outlines.

10 - errors of drafting

Try not to include complex language complex in your resume, so as not to make mistakes in the language, but make the wording of the paragraphs clear and simple, so that it is easy to understand quickly.

So we reviewed with you some of the common mistakes that many people make when writing a CV, which will help you to create a professional biography to submit to the employer you wish to join.
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