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Steps to gaining self-confidence

Steps to gaining self-confidence

There is someone who is confident of himself, and there is someone who claims to be self-confident, and there are those who admit that he lacks confidence in himself, and access to self-confidence is not difficult to make a mistake. All you have to do is get used to some of the habits practiced by men who are trustworthy.

1- His happiness inside him

Happiness is an essential element of trust because you have to be happy with what you are, so that you can be confident in what you do, and the person who enjoys trust derives the pleasure and satisfaction of achieving his or her accomplishments, not hearing what people say about his accomplishments; No matter what people say about him, you are whether people say good or bad.

2 - do not judge others

A person who is confident of himself does not slip to judge people; he knows that every person has the skills he can and does not need to underestimate others to feel good. Comparing yourself to others limits your abilities and waste your time uselessly.

3. Do not say "Yes" unless he wants

Studies show that the harder it is to say "no," the more likely you are to be under stress, fatigue or even depression, while the self-confident person knows that saying "no" is healthy and has enough self-esteem to say so clearly. He saw that he was rejecting something, he did not resort to phrases such as: "I will think," "I'm not sure" or others, but says: "No" explicitly.

 4 - Listens more than he speaks

He knows that by listening to and listening to others' opinions, he learns, grows and learns new experiences, instead of seeing the debate as an opportunity to prove himself. , It focuses on the process of discussion itself.

5. Speak with certainty

It is very rare to hear a self-confident person utter words such as "I am not sure" or "I think that is AAA". He speaks confidently and affirmatively; he knows that it is necessary; others will listen to you and be convinced of your words.

6. Strives for small successes

A person who is confident of himself is always seeking to compete with himself, even if he will achieve small successes. These successes build more androgen receptors in the brain regions responsible for rewards and stimulation, which increases the effect of testosterone, which in turn increases the person's self-confidence and concern With other challenges, if you have achieved a series of small successes, it will boost your confidence for months perhaps.

7 - keen on exercise

Some studies have concluded that a person who exercises once or twice a week for 10 weeks feels more efficient at the social, educational and sports levels, and his body image and self-esteem are assessed at a higher rate. This is not due to the physical change resulting from exercise, but because of the positive it causes The hormone endorphins that are secreted in exercise.

8. Does not seek to draw attention

People tend to attract attention in order to be complacent, but the self-confident person knows that spontaneous behavior is more effective than trying to prove oneself to others. He is also good at diverting attention away from him. If he draws the attention of others to the achievement he has achieved, People who worked hard to help him in this achievement.

9. Do not fear error

The self-confident person says his opinion clearly and does not hesitate, because he knows that if he made a mistake, he will learn from others when they make his mistake, and if he gets hurt, the others will learn from him.

10. Celebrates the successes of others

A person who is not sure of his or her abilities is always questioning the success of a colleague. Instead of celebrating it, he focuses on criticizing it to prove that it is better. The person who is confident of himself does not worry about the successes of others but celebrates and pleases them; He compares himself to them, and does not derive his satisfaction from the outside, but from within and from achieving his own achievements.

These are some of the qualities and habits that help people to develop their personality and get rid of the weakness of personality, with the passage of time to the great confidence in the self.
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