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Techniques to avoid social embarrassment in any situation

Techniques to avoid social embarrassment in any situation

Everyone has experienced at least one or two positions, which he felt very embarrassing. These positions are very numerous, some are as simple as the way to embrace one of them, so you have only an open hand to open your mouth, or talk about something that is shown to you moments later that it is not suitable at all.

The embarrassing situations, whether they are multiple or limited, do not mean that you are socially incompetent as you think; But the way to deal with them is to distinguish one person from another. But before you turn to techniques and tips, the beginning must be to stop thinking of yourself from the perspective of "social inefficiency" because it makes you lose your confidence, which makes these situations repeated.

Actual focus

Everyone used to do multiple tasks at the same time that they became natural. Sometimes we do so without knowing even if we are in a position that requires only one task: to listen to the person who is speaking to us. This can be observed through attention that is distracted by anything other than personal thoughts or through the observation of others.

On the other hand, there is a new "style" so that a person thinks he can drown in the virtual world of his mobile phone while chatting with someone else. Conclusion A strange moment of silence makes you realize that the other is waiting for your response to something you have not heard.

 Focus on the other person

When you do not have enough social skills to qualify you to engage in natural conversations that do not interspers with strange moments of silence or to address something that should not be addressed or put very strange observations all you have to do is focus on the other.

Do not think about what you feel at all or what you have to say, make all your focus on your innovator. Think of what positive or negative feelings can be, focus on the language of your body and the way you speak, and you will probably find it strange as you feel. When you observe some of the weaknesses of others, it makes you feel relaxed.

You can claim

There is a very successful principle common in all areas is even claim success. Pretend to have wonderful social skills, or claim happiness, or success. We certainly do not mean to resort to lying, but to behave as if you were.

For example, find yourself at a dinner party for your company, or a family social event. All you have to do is pretend to be self-confident. Imagine yourself being the host. You have to make others feel welcome at this stage, smile to others, communicate with others. You actually communicate with them.

Studies confirm that an individual can adjust his feelings by adjusting his actions. For example, smiling can make you feel happy and take a certain physical position that can make you feel confident.

Training and modification

Feeling uncomfortable in any social environment is a vicious circle, you experience an incident and then you feel bad. You decide to limit your contact with others the next time, but your isolation makes you feel worse.

The best way to improve all your social skills is by forcing yourself to be in an environment that does not make you feel comfortable and then re-evaluate later. Select which of the points you like and which makes you feel bad because you have done them. This awareness and knowledge will make you behave better the next time.

Learn from the skilled

Some people have excellent social skills, they can turn any situation for them even if it is very strange. Their style may be joking after a strange incident, or commenting what a clever yet annoying position. Being with them will not only make you learn their skills but will also make you know as many people as possible with a very important benefit.

Others rule you first with the people you are with, if you are with someone who has social skills, you will think you are too. This is a very positive point that enhances your confidence. With time you will learn to talk and communicate with others without supporting your socially skilled bond.

Ask questions

Do not try to exploit events to impose opinions, values ​​and views on others. Just think of one thing, what do you have to do to make the other feel comfortable? Focusing on this point makes you stop thinking about your own anxiety.

Do not try to put all the ideas that make you look educated or familiar with this area or that, ask questions, and listen very carefully to the answers. Do not interrupt the other and do not feel forced to fill the moments of silence, just let things go smoothly.

Finally, with time and many social events you will find that your skills and techniques evolve, which makes you a social person and a wonderful speaker in addition to gaining the skill of speed and sense of good behavior, which will benefit you in your life dramatically.
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