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Tips for modifying child behavior

Tips for modifying child behavior

Every mother tries to constantly modify her child's behavior; but we are often quick to use immediate punishment. We may succeed in deterring children from unacceptable behavior, but in the long run this affects the child's personality very negatively.

So we offer you a set of tips and easy tools to modify your child's behavior without using it
the threat.

Modify the behavior of the mother
It is essential that the mother adjust her behavior first before dealing with the child, and be patient and avoid reprimand
And beating.

Use stories and games
Use stories and hand puppets to tell stories about the concept of bad and good behavior for your child.

Ignore some erroneous behaviors
Transplant good behavior in the child's subconscious by describing it as good as you are a naughty child, you are a child
You hear the words of a mama, repeating the word ten times make it entrenched in the subconscious.

Do not force your child to do some things
It is important to tell your child if you want to do something and give him the freedom to refuse or accept.

Rest assured
Always make sure your child is not angry with him, and that he has to do the right thing to be always better.
e? Reason and treatment methods

The flexibility to modify behavior is sometimes required. Your child's temperament will not always be good for carrying out orders, you need to know

Keep away from excess fat
Excessive fat is the primary motor of stubbornness and must rely on itself to eat alone with your help.

Praise is a good catalyst for not repeating the error, and encouraging the correct actions.

Give him positive qualities in front of people
 I promise to give people the positive qualities always, my son so very affectionate and obedient child.

Be always present with your child
If the child loses the interest of his parents, he loses the motivation to change the behavior, and talk to him specifically about what you expect from him
And what you want
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