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Tips for dealing with difficult characters in the workplace

Tips for dealing with difficult characters in the workplace

Working in a team is not easy. Each member has a different personality. Some of them may also have hard-to-read prints.

How can we deal with them without provoking differences in order to carry out professional missions successfully?

 Critical personality

The owner of this character usually underestimates the achievements of his colleagues. It also focuses on errors
And seeks to draw attention to it.

What are you doing? Usually the owner of this character is limited to criticism. This means that no alternative proposals are being made.
So ask him: Do you have any suggestions?

Treacherous or subversive character

The owner of this character usually works to create confusion in the workplace. He goes accelerator to the office
The manager or the official to inform him of a colleague's mistake. It may even exaggerate the description of the event.

What are you doing? It is useful to meet this colleague and ask him to justify what he did. Thus you can remove
The face mask.

 Sultry Character

The owner of this character does not stop complaining and objecting to everyone and everything. He does not like him
Any act other than that performed by himself.

What are you doing? Feel free to challenge this character quietly. Let him remember the mistakes he made in the past
And tasks that he did not perform. Then make sure to separate you with a specific distance.

Personal introductions

The owner of this character does not cast a salute to his colleagues and only responds with words that are not understood. It is
He considers them non-existent.

What are you doing? It is wrong to see that the owner of this character is targeting you. Ask other colleagues and you will discover
He deals with everyone the same way. If you do not get great attention.

 Personal Claimant

The owner claims that he maintains close connections with the manager and knows exactly what he wants and what he enjoys
His admiration. He does not encourage you to suggest new ideas to the manager because they will not like him (in his opinion).

What are you doing? Do not care much about her. They do so to gain importance in the eyes of others. Do not let her fool you
Do not talk to her about your thoughts, but go directly to the manager.

 Personal manipulative

The owner of this character has the ability to demonstrate kindness. But in reality he seeks to blackmail you. If so
A disagreement between you and him makes you feel that you have lost the important friendship and support you need.

What are you doing? Keep in mind your thoughts, principles, views and opinions, even if you are opposed to those
The owner of the manipulative personality.
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