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The rules of life

Richard Timpler is an English writer and human development coach. He has 30 years of experience in this field. His books have achieved the highest sales ratio and have been translated into most of the world's languages. He has many works including rules of business, rules of management, how to perform your tasks without bothering, I do not want more cheese I just want to get out of the trap and others.

The rules of life A simple book for lovers of quick reading, which put about 100 bases in the various affairs of life, these rules touched on the relationship of the individual family and friends and his partner and colleagues at work, etc., of these rules

To enjoy inner peace

One factor in a person's success is his self-esteem and self-esteem, from which self-confidence flows and feelings of satisfaction and reassurance are generated. The writer also considers that those who are self-esteem are those who work silently without the need for other people's compliments.

Do not be afraid of dreams

He thinks that you should not set limits to your dreams, dream of everything, and you and the obstacles, what should be considered and realistic are the plans that achieve your dreams, not the dreams themselves, and the writer seems to agree exactly with Walt Disney see on this subject, "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue it."

Give yourself plenty of time

Give yourself some time, ten to half an hour a day is what you should devote to yourself completely, is it selfish? Yes it is, but it is selfish justified, you need to replenish your energy and motivate yourself. Try to sit in a garden and watch the beauty of nature around you without worrying or thinking about anything, just sit down and appreciate how much you are alive.

Set limits for yourself

A successful person is someone who knows its value and imposes its respect on those who try to undermine it.
Setting personal boundaries will enable you to address anyone who is abusive, rude and aggressive, and anyone who seeks to exploit you badly and improperly.

Be around who you love

Your family and friends need to be supportive and supportive, be the one who relieves them of their pain and sorrows in this life. Of course you have your own problems, but that does not mean being selfish.

If you can not say something good, say nothing

To say positive things that are far from absenteeism, gossip or ridicule will attract people to you more. By nature, they love being with a polite, enthusiastic, happy, confident person, and this will increase their respect and appreciation for you. We need to tame our tongues to say all that is good and beautiful

Honest positive characters

If you want yourself to succeed in this life, you have to know that you will face two kinds of people; the first will raise your spirits, who have a positive view of life, who has the energy and enthusiasm, and who is full of vitality, that person who will feel that this life is a great gift .

On the other hand you will find the person constantly complaining and complaining, which is frustrating because of his idle and abandoned, that this breed is a class that you should stay away from him to live happily.

Be generous in your time and information

As you grow older you will gain more experience and experience. These experiences will be important for those younger than you, try to transfer your experience to them and do not conceal your knowledge or skills.

Keep your life going fast

Look at life as a challenging experience, a fruitful, rich and wonderful experience, life goes faster than you imagine, you have to think that you want yourself the best of this life. Without this idea, you will get away days without achieving anything worthy of pride or mention.

In the book you will find more tips and advice,
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