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The subconscious mind is freed from your pressures

The subconscious mind is freed from your pressures

You have a lot of problems and obstacles in your life, which makes you restricted to thinking all the time. This is dangerous and may make you vulnerable to sadness, tension, depression and frustration. These are some ways that will empty your brain of bad ideas and help you forget the past and focus on the moment. Current:


Meditate to sit in the arms of nature or in any well - ventilated place comfortable and better to lie on your back, and breathe quietly from your mouth with a focus on your breathing, and breathing only, every time you take the inspiration Watch the movement of your stomach rising, The movement of landing when you are forgiven. Continue this for 5 minutes and never think about anything, then start thinking about everything you love and who you love with every movement of inspiration, then start thinking about everything that bothers you with every exhalation, and imagine you are graduating with exhalation

Mark the alert and remind you

: Turn the clock inverted, or in the opposite hand. Whenever you look at this mark you will remember that you have to focus on the present and forget the past and not think about what will happen in the future. If you find that you no longer pay attention to this tag or that it no longer draws your eye or reminds you of something, this indicates that you have to change it

If you are a teacher or a lecturer who performs the same classes or lectures to students or the public

, try to taste this lesson differently, enjoy it a lot and try to find something new and useful than you have done before

Fill in your free time

: if you wait for the light signal or wait for the web page to open or wait for your doctor's appointment or something; fill your spare time with praise, forgiveness, counting or even just reflect on the colors of the sign or people waiting with you; And know what they think

Make sure

you rub the soles of your palm with your other hand in a circular, slow and gentle manner. Repeat while rubbing the word "calm down" for yourself

Focus all your senses one by one. Look at everything around you

And you should that you have to >>>

Be an engineer of your mind and use proven methods

You can create happiness through the ideas you think

The mental image is equal to a thousand words and your subconscious mind will achieve any image

Remember that the heart of the  thankful  will always be soon to receive the riches of the world

Born electronic waves of harmony, health and tranquility by thinking about God's love and greatness

Imagine realizing your desire now and feel it has become concrete and in fact
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