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The self-development site was established in 2017

The site seeks to provide useful scientific materials for the community. The site specializes in topics of development, self development, success methods, goal setting, provision of scientific materials to address negatives, methods of raising children, correcting behavior, building personality and many useful topics.

We welcome those interested in joining and volunteering to write useful content so that we can raise awareness and encourage people to achieve goals.

The site is not a company and not an institution yet. It is a personal effort of me
Founder of Majid Bahaj

If you want to help with website development and financial support you can do this by donating a PayPal template to donate
I am the beneficiary of the donation to develop the site and provide all that serves the community.

We want to spread knowledge to society

Who wants to volunteer to write a topic or article useful to people can send the subject to our email: majedcx228@gmail.com

Your brother Majid Bahaj

Site email : majedcx228@gmail.com
Email Receiving Donation: majedgreen@hotmail.com

For inquiries or contact we receive your messages on WhatsApp on this number : +12892049159

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